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PMP Training + Final Review



This program is specially prepared for those who did not join the group Study Coach and intends to enter the last test before the amendments that will occur on the PMP tests after the beginning of next January.

Learn more about the changes on the PMP test


Created offer of the course and program review can get any one of them separately and you can take advantage of the special offer in the event of registration in the two programs.

Training Course

  • Trainee gets 40 hours of training, divided into eight days to one month that the lectures be in weekend days at a rate of two lectures a week. 
  • Trainee gets the training materials provided by PMStudy a curriculum approved by the company Progress Academy regional agent for VMedu.
  • This training material provides you with focus and lack of dispersion between different sources will not be in need of more sources of deliberation.
  • Progress Academy offers courses elite group of experts in the field of projects who have worked in the field for more than 10 years, especially in local projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia management, and that gives them the weight of advantage in the delivery of information and clarification of the process is also giving additional  experience of attend.

Review program

  • This program is both attended the PMP cycle and studied in preparation for the entry test and get a certificate
  • The program for 4 weeks are divided into two phases
  • Phase I: Review and knowledge of the curriculum stage
  • And the Progress Academy offers an intensive curriculum and training materials specialized focus on the most important information is what is important to train them and pass the PMP test.
  • Many of the daily Altdrebeat Mmakran will receive by coach
  • 24/7 follow-up from his coach throughout the run-up to enter the test will not stand in front of you any information
  • Phase II: Simulator tests to test the PMP
  • Progress Academy provides 8-10 tests are resolved during the last two weeks.
  • Periodic evaluation of the results of the tests with the guidance in the weaknesses and focus on them by the lecturer, in particular for each individual
  • We will continue to communicate with you even enter the test and get a certificate The end of the session is the entry of the test and not the end of four weeks.