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Project Construction Equipment

Constructing equipment are vital resources to any project. Choosing the right equipment, getting the right productivity, maintaining and performing at the right performance and running at the right operation cost is the key success factors of most construction activities. 


  • Overview of construction equipment.
  • Life cycle costing of equipment.
  • Productivity of construction equipment.
  • Earth moving/excavation equipment.
  • Excavators/jackhammers.
  • Compaction equipment.
  • Loaders/bulldozers.
  • Graders/scrapers.
  • Hauling equipment (trucks and trailers).
  • Asphalt patches plants.
  • Concrete mixers and plants. 
  • Tower cranes/mobile cranes.
  • Piling machines.
  • Compressors, generators and pumps.

Project Construction Equipment