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Introduction of GIS

This course teaches what a GIS is and what you can do with it. Working with various components of the ArcGIS system, you will create GIS maps, explore and analyze the data behind the maps, and apply methods to easily share your maps. By the end of the course, you will have a solid understanding of how GIS maps and ArcGIS tools are used to visualize real-world features, discover patterns, obtain information, and communicate that information to others.


  • What GIS is 
  • What GIS does 
  • What GIS does not do 
  • GIS and archaeology 
  • Data structures: 
  • Vector 
  • Raster 
  • Mapping systems and projection 
  • GIS software packages: 
  • ArcGIS 
  • GRASS 
  • Others 
  • Sources of data 

Introduction of GIS