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Project Budgeting, Cost Estimating, Control and Life Cycle Costing 

This course will provide a basis for the many areas of estimating that may be faced by the design and construction professional. It will provide "hands on" examples to facilitate a familiarity with different types of estimates and their components. With this basis, a person, through research, study and practical application, can further expand their cost estimating skills relative to their own profession or branch out into new areas of estimating. Other methods of cost control, such as value engineering will also be discussed briefly.
These courses are targeted for chief executive officers, finance managers, human resources managers, project managers, engineers and planners, information technology managers.


  • Introduction to project budgeting & concept estimating
  • Capitalized approach to project budgeting
  • Case studies – example estimates
  • Budget estimating approaches
  • Determine & document configuration quantities
  • Documenting quality
  • Concept design estimating approaches
  • Parametric uni-format
  • Determining quantities/ costs for structural elements
  • Determine quantities/ costs, systems
  • Determining quantities/ costs for equip./ site work elements
  • Project management plan
  • Budget development remaining items
  • Eesign & management costs
  • Management costs during construction
  • Determine quantities/ costs, remaining items
  • Controlling design work
  • Life cycle costing (lcc)
  • Value engineering

Course format: 

  • Duration: five days (6 hours per day)
  • Environment 
  • Classroom training conducted at the client’s venue (in-house) or as a public course. 
  • All course material is provided in english. Training can be presented in other languages based on request.

Project Budgeting- Cost Estimating- Control and Life Cycle Costing