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Value Engineering - Cost Reduction and Quality Improvement

Course objective:

  • Increased skill sets in value engineering processes
  • A greater sense of professionalism in design process evaluation. 
  • Knowledge of evaluating prices and times
  • Greater ability to lead successful negotiations with suppliers and contractors > increased recognition by the organization due to improved performance
These courses are targeted for chief executive officers, finance managers, human resources managers, project managers, engineers and planners, information technology managers.


  • inttroduction
  • value engineering  briefing
  • information phase
  • project workshop – information phase
  • function analysis phase
  • project workshop  - function analysis phase
  • creative phase
  • project workshop  - creative phase
  • evaluation phase
  • project workshop  - evaluation phase
  • special topic: “ve in design build”
  • development phase
  • project workshop  - development phase
  • presentation phase
  • project workshop - presentation phase

Course format: 

  • duration: five days (6 hours per day)
  • environment 
  • classroom training conducted at the client’s venue (in-house) or as a public course. 
  • all course material is provided in english. Training can be presented in other languages based on request.

Value Engineering - Cost Reduction and Quality Improvement